In this book, the author (Richard Dinan) provides a brief history of nuclear fusion, explaining how the technology has evolved and outlining the nature of current projects.

He asserts the opinion that “funding = fusion” and outlines his reasoning as to why progress in fusion has stalled.

The book is split into eight chapters:

1.     What is Nuclear?

2.     Fusion Power

3.     Confining Plasma

4.     The Tokamak

5.     The Mighty ITER

6.     Turning Fusion into a Reality

7.     Other Notable Tokamaks

8.     The Future

In the first chapter, the author explains in layman terms the difference between currently operational nuclear (fission) reactors and proposed future nuclear fusion reactors. This sets the scene for later chapters about ITER and other Tokamak reactors. In the final chapter the author proposes what he believes will be the next steps for fusion following a successful ITER demonstration.  

Nuclear Focus Verdict

This book demystifies some of the science around fusion technology; asking and answering the questions, “Why fusion and why now?”.  

In short, the book provides an introduction to fusion technology and sheds some light as to why potential investors may wish to consider funding fusion.